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Best Chain Saw For The Money  
Everything You Need to Know to Get a Great Chain Saw at a Great Price
Top Five for the Money (Based on our Frugal5 Formula)
How do we pick these products? We spend many hours doing unbiased research to only give you the highest rated products at the best price. We first come up with a list of features, which you can see below, that we feel the majority of people will need. We then look for the highest quality products with these features and only show you the top five with the best value. Our mission is to provide you with the best five options based only on the facts. Don't see the product you were thinking about getting? Click here to calculate it's frugal score.
GreenWorks 20012 9 Amp 14" Corded Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric SawPoulan PLN3516F 16-Inch 3.5 HP ElectricSun Joe SWJ701E 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric WORX WG303.1 16-Inch , 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp
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Product Rating
Average Price
Cheap ($55)
Cheap ($65)
Cheap ($80)
Cheap ($78)
Cheap ($100)
Frugal5 Score
Features Needed
At Least 14" Bar And Chain Length
- 14"
- 16"
- 16"
- 18"
- 16"
Auto Chain Lubrication
Light Weight
- 9 pounds
- 12 pounds
- 13 pounds
- 9.7 pounds
- 11 pounds
Tool-Less Chain Tensioning
Features Not Needed
Comfort Features
- Rubber over-molded handle
- Rubber over-molded rear handle, ergonomic, full wrap front handle
Oil Level Window
Protective Blade Sleeve
- Plastic
Safety Tip
What You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

A chain saw is an invaluable tool if you have your own home because it does what it does so efficiently when nothing else will. Chain saws are great for trimming and pruning, light cutting (like tree limbs and what not), and more heavy-duty cutting, such as with firewood. 

The problem with chain saws though, is that if you have a small to medium sized yard and you don’t have a lot of money, they can be intimidating to buy. You don’t want to get something completely underpowered to the point it’s not good for around your home. 

Luckily, if you’re on a budget and need a chainsaw, I can tell you right now you’re not going to need a heavy-duty, gas-powered chain saw. Today’s electric chain saws are extremely cheaper, and they’re powerful enough to get through pretty much anything you need around your home within reason (meaning don’t expect an electric chain saw on this list to cut through a huge Oak trunk or something). There are just a few things you need to keep in mind while shopping around. 

Light Weight Design

Chain saws can easily cause arm fatigue when in use because they’re often times quite heavy. So, the lighter your saw is without sacrificing power, the better. You want to pick a chain saw that you know you’ll feel comfortable with holding up and at arm’s length for extended periods of time. 

Bar and Chain Length

The bar and chain length of your chainsaw is essentially how much cutting space you have. For instance, a chain saw with a 10 inch bar and chain length can only cut through wood 10 inches thick. I find that a length of at least 14 inches is perfect because it’s not so small that you feel limited in regards to what you can and can’t cut. A bar and chain length of at least 14 inches is perfect for practically anything you’ll have to cut around your home. 

Auto Chain Lubrication

In order for your chain saw to cut efficiently and safely, it needs to stay properly lubricated with oil. Stopping a job to oil your chain manually can be tiring, which is why I think auto chain lubrication is the best. You don’t have to worry about keeping your saw safe to use. 

Tool-less Chain Tensioning

No one wants to have to buy extra stuff, which is why a chain saw that doesn’t require extra tools to install and tension the chain is better. You’re already dropping a lot of money on the tool. You don’t need to buy more stuff. 

There are also some things that may be great to have, but not a necessity. 

Comfort Features

Some chain saws offer ergonomically designed handles or handles with rubber grip to make sure hand fatigue isn’t an issue. This is great to have, but don’t think it’s a must with chain saws. I did mention they should be light weight, after all. 

Oil Level Window

Some chain saws offer an oil level window as a convenience. This is good if your saw doesn’t auto lube because you’ll have to check it more. However, with an auto lube feature you won’t have to check the oil level as much. Don’t ever pay extra for features like this. 

Safety Tip

Some chain saws tip the blade with a small cover that makes it safer to use. This is good, no doubt, but chain saws already have other safety measures in the form of kickback protection or chain brakes. So, a tip is just an extra precaution. 

Protective Blade Sleeve

This makes storing your chain saw safer because it keeps the blade covered. However, just like the safety tip it’s an extra safety precaution, not a must. 

You also don’t really need to worry much about horsepower or amp rating in regards to the amount of power the electric engine provides. Most electric chain saws are around three HP and 12 amps, which is more than enough to cut through anything around your home. 

Craftsman, Poulan, and GreenWorks all make great quality, lower priced chain saws that will meet and exceed your needs. Husqvarna, Stihl, and Hitachi should be avoided due to price. 

As long as you keep the above-mentioned facts in mind buying a cheap chain saw isn’t intimidating. 

Features You Need
At Least 14" Bar And Chain Length, Auto Chain Lubrication, Light Weight, Tool-Less Chain Tensioning
Features You Don't Need
Comfort Features, Oil Level Window, Protective Blade Sleeve, Safety Tip
What You Should Pay
Between $54.99 - $99.99
Top Of The Line Price
Over $300.00