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Best Flat Iron For The Money  
Everything You Need to Know to Get a Great Flat Iron at a Great Price
Top Five for the Money (Based on our Frugal5 Formula)
How do we pick these products? We spend many hours doing unbiased research to only give you the highest rated products at the best price. We first come up with a list of features, which you can see below, that we feel the majority of people will need. We then look for the highest quality products with these features and only show you the top five with the best value. Our mission is to provide you with the best five options based only on the facts. Don't see the product you were thinking about getting? Click here to calculate it's frugal score.
Remington S5500 Digital Anti-Static 1 Inch CeramicRemington Wet 2 Straight Slim Plate Wet/DryConair 1 inch Ceramic ClassicConair Infiniti Nano StraightenerOne 'n Only Argan Heat Ceramic
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Product Rating
Average Price
Cheap ($15)
Cheap ($21)
Cheap ($25)
Cheap ($35)
Cheap ($45)
Frugal5 Score
Features Needed
¾” to 1¼” Wide
- 1 inch
- 1 inch
- 1 inch
- 1 inch
- 1 inch
Multiple Temperature Settings
- Up to 410 Degrees
- Up to 400 Degrees
- Up to 400 Degrees
- Up to 395 Degrees
- Up to 450 Degrees
Pearl, Ceramic or Tourmaline Coating
- Ceramic
- Ceramic and Tourmaline
- Nonstick Static Free Ceramic
- Ceramic
- Ceramic and Argan Oil Infused
Features Not Needed
Auto Shutoff
Digital Display
Instant Heat
- After 30 Seconds
- After 30 Seconds
- After 30 Seconds
Swivel Cord
Wider than 1¼”
What You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

If you want that straight, sleek, shiny hair that you see in the movies, you’ll need a flat iron. These hair straighteners are like curling irons, only they use heat to straighten your hair instead of curling it. Although you can get your hair mostly straight with a hair dryer and round brush, the only way to get it perfectly straight and glossy is to use a flat iron. As with curling irons, there are features you need and some that may be handy, but aren't really necessary and only make the iron cost more. 


Very thick and coarse hair requires more heat to flatten well, but too much heat can damage hair. That’s why you want a flat iron with multiple heat settings. That way you can choose the temperature that will straighten your hair, but don’t go so hot that you damage the hair strands. Experiment with your flat iron to find the lowest heat setting that works without damaging your hair.


Those who have used a flat iron will tell you that the wide one you use to straighten long hair is downright dangerous to use on your bangs. More than likely, you’ll end up burning your forehead. It’s best to choose a thinner iron, 1” wide or less. Not only does it make styling bangs safer, it also allows you to get closer to the root on other sections of hair. 

Extra Features

Some flat irons come with comb teeth, or serve as both curling irons and flat irons. Cordless options may sound like a good idea, but they generally lose power quickly and rarely get as hot as someone with very coarse hair would need. Instant heat is great if you are in a hurry every morning, but a little planning makes a feature like that not worth extra money. If you can get it without paying more, do it. 

Some flat irons work on both wet and dry hair. If your hair takes a long time to dry, this feature is a smart choice. Otherwise, you have to blow dry longer, getting every last bit of moisture out, before you can use the flat iron. If your hair dries quickly, the wet/dry feature is not a necessity. Like instant heat, it’s a good choice if you can get it without paying extra.

Pearl, Ceramic or Tourmaline?

Pearl, ceramic and tourmaline coated irons will reduce frizz, making them vital features for today’s hairstyles. The coating also helps to create an event disbursement of heat and keep the iron moving smoothly through your hair, important to minimizing hair damage. Many models offer one or more of these features. They’re all good and the one you choose should have at least one of these coating types.

Brands & Pricing

Narrow flat irons for bangs are usually cheaper, and they are always more versatile. Generally, you can find a good 1” flat iron for under $50. Remington does a good job of providing a high quality iron for a low price. BaByliss is a little pricier but makes for very satisfied customers. Surprisingly, Conair has some of the more expensive flat irons on the market, even though the brand doesn't outperform others in the price range. Conair also makes a higher quality iron under the brand name Infinity. 

Features You Need
¾” to 1¼” Wide, Multiple Temperature Settings, Pearl, Ceramic or Tourmaline Coating
Features You Don't Need
Auto Shutoff, Digital Display, Instant Heat, Swivel Cord, Wet/Dry, Wider than 1¼”
What You Should Pay
Between $14.97 - $44.91
Top Of The Line Price
Over $200.00