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Best Lipstick For The Money  
Everything You Need to Know to Get a Great Lipstick at a Great Price
Top Five for the Money (Based on our Frugal5 Formula)
How do we pick these products? We spend many hours doing unbiased research to only give you the highest rated products at the best price. We first come up with a list of features, which you can see below, that we feel the majority of people will need. We then look for the highest quality products with these features and only show you the top five with the best value. Our mission is to provide you with the best five options based only on the facts. Don't see the product you were thinking about getting? Click here to calculate it's frugal score.
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Product Rating
Average Price
Cheap ($5)
Cheap ($6)
Cheap ($7)
Cheap ($6)
Cheap ($6)
Frugal5 Score
Additional Info
Matte or Gloss
0.12 Oz
0.07 Oz (Lip Color) and 0.06 Oz (Topcoat)
0.12 Oz
0.13 Oz
0.22 Oz
Features Needed
Multiple Color Options
Features Not Needed
Available As An Add-On
High-Gloss Top Coat
Slightly Scented
Won't Dry Out
What You Need To Know In 5 Minutes

Choosing the right lipstick can be a challenge. With so many brands, colors and alternative features, it can be easy to overstock on lip color that doesn't quite look as good as it did under the fluorescent lights of your local department store. But by carefully planning your lip color needs based on your skin tone, intended length of wear and lip conditioning needs, you can find the perfect lipstick for you, without having to first stock-pile of lipsticks that are not.

The most important feature when choosing a lipstick is choosing one that will go well with your skin tone (if you don't consider the tone of your skin when making your purchase, you could be left with pigment that makes you look more ill than appealing). That's why we've only included lipsticks that offer an abundance of color options to choose from. A general rule of thumb when choosing a lip color for you is to go only one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.

There are many additional features you may want to look for in a lip color, too. For example, because lipsticks are notorious for drying out lips, you may want to look for a brand that offers additional conditioners in their product. This can be achieved by fortifying the lipstick with certain vitamins or by making the lipstick more oily - it's up to you to decide which type of conditioning you prefer.

Many lipsticks also offer all-day wear. This can be good in that it reduces the need for touch-ups throughout the day, but these types of lipstick are also often very dry after only a few hours. If you don't want dry lips but also don't want to deal with touch-ups, just add a bit of lip balm prior to application. Another way to increase the length of time your lipstick stays on is with the application of lip liner. You can pick up some of this as an add-on to save on the cost of shipping.

If you purchase a color of lipstick that you don't like, you don't always have to send it back. Instead, try mixing it with other lip colors until you find the perfect shade for you. Use it in conjunction with lip liner to make your lips look more crisp and help extend your wear time.

The most popular brands of lipstick are Cover Girl, Maybelline and L'Oreal Paris with NYX following closely behind. These brands all offer the best quality lipstick for a fraction of the cost of other brands - usually around five dollars - and they have the color options and staying power of the best, too.

Revlon and NARS, on the other hand, do not offer the high-quality of the others. Their lipsticks tend to dry and crack and do the same for the lips underneath. For healthy lips, avoid these brands.

Find the perfect shade of lipstick for any occasion. Use this simple guide to help you decide the best lipstick for the price, then show the world how beautiful you are.

Features You Need
Multiple Color Options
Features You Don't Need
Available As An Add-On, Conditioning, High-Gloss Top Coat, Light-Weight, Long-Lasting, Slightly Scented, Smudge-Proof, Won't Dry Out
What You Should Pay
Between $4.94 - $6.94
Top Of The Line Price
Over $85.00