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Download FL Studio at a Discounted Rate and Make The Next BIG Hit!
By Dave Wolf on Feb 18 2015, 5:34 PM
Have you ever wondered how artists like Avicii, DeadMau5, Afrojack and Martin Garrix make their hits?  Well they use a very simple and cost effective program called FL Studio which is also known as Fruity Loops Studio.  It's probably the most popular music production software in the world.  It's very easy to pickup since it's relatively cheap and there are a countless array of free tutorials online.  It's also professional software that you can actually use to make the next big hit.  Don't believe me, here is a video of how Martin Garrix created his mega hit "Animals" with FL Studio. 

The only downside of the program is that it only works with Windows but you can get the mobile version in both IOS and Android.  You can download a full demo version of FL Studio here. It will allow you to do everything with the program and get a feel for it but you have to buy the software to open saved files.  Once you're ready to buy I recommend getting the "Signature Bundle" which will give you a few nice plugins and free updates for life for about $300.  Use the discount code BDBDEFIB546 to get at least 10% off.  

You might be tempted to download a torrent of FL Studio.  I would highly warn against that because there is a good chance you will get a computer virus.  It's a better deal not worry about all your data being stolen and just use the discount and get free updates for life.  

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