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Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas
By Melissa Bailey on Feb 11 2014, 8:46 AM
If you are having a hard time believing it is already Valentine's Day, you are not alone! This holiday always sneaks up on me - just far enough away from Christmas to forget about and yet close enough to cause a little bit of panic. If you are still feeling the pain of Christmas shopping, there's no reason to fear! Valentine's Day is all about emphasizing your love and appreciation for others and there's no rule stating this must come with a hefty price tag. Here are some great inexpensive Valentine's Day ideas to make your loved ones feel special:

1. Write a love letter or poem
This idea is never too cheesy and it's never too cliche! My husband and I have kept all of our hand-written and typed love notes and cards through the years. Periodically, we get out our boxes and re-read the notes to each other. More than anything, it's a written history of our relationship that floods our mind with memories.

2. Bake a special treat
Expensive boxed chocolates may be nice, but sometimes a homemade goodie can save the day. Think about your loved ones favorite cake, cookie or dessert and spend some time baking good old fashioned desserts.

3. Make paper flowers
If you are really hard on cash this holiday then cut rose petals out of construction paper and write a meaningful thing about your significant other on each petal. This creates a deconstructed bouquet of flowers where your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend can appreciate your thoughtfulness instead of focusing on the cost.

4. Send a recorded song or video
If you and your Valentine cannot be together this year, record a video and send it to them via email or text message. You might record yourself singing a song or simply send an "I love you" message that reminds them of your love.

5. Create a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt
Create a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt that takes your partner from clue to clue throughout your house. The end prize could be a small gift, baked treat, or anything else that will make your Valentine feel appreciated. This is a great game for your children on Valentine's Day that can end with an inexpensive Valentine's Day treat.

6. Call a long lost friend

Life gets busy and we intend to keep relationships going but sometimes it doesn't always work. One thing I love to do on Valentine's Day is connect with a friend who I have not spoken to for quite some time. I will call and have a surprise conversation that let's them know how much I appreciate them for the holiday.

7. Make your own Valentines
If you have small children, gather construction paper and scissors to make some great Valentines. Let their imagination run wild as they create customized pieces for the people they love. You can also do this as an adult, too! Even if it's a card with a simple sentiment, it can create a fun Valentine's Day atmosphere at your home or office.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Let your imagination run wild (and keep money in your pocket) as you discover frugal and meaningful ways to spread love to family and friends this Valentine's Day!
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