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Little Kid Parties On A Budget
By Melissa Bailey on Feb 23 2014, 8:17 PM
It seems as if I blinked and my son is turning five years old! This is the first year that we're going all out and hosting a party with 11 other kids coming ready party it up Angry Birds style! Like all things in life, we have set a budget and are trying are best to stick to that budget. Here are my thoughts on how to have a great party for your kids on a budget, without sacrificing any of the fun and festivities!

1. View the party as a gift
Growing up, it was always clear to me that my birthday party was the biggest gift from my parents. They did a great job of involving me in the planning and making it all feel very special. I've passed along this same tradition to my children, letting them know that a birthday party is the best gift of all because your friends get to share in the celebration. This way they expect a few small presents and are excited about their "big"present - the party.

2. Make your own cake/cupcakes
I was very tempted to order a store bought cake for my son's birthday. Of all that needs to be done on the big day, this was one area that I could outsource. However, a store bought cake will set me back about $30. For about $5 I can purchase all the necessary ingredients to make a simple yet great cake!

3. Go easy on the goody bags
Even though this is our first child's party to host, we have been on the receiving end of many birthdays. While goodie bags are fun for the kids, it can consume much of your party budget if not closely monitored. If you are trying to cut costs and still throw a great party, here are some alternatives to traditional goody bags:
  • Have the party attendees paint a picture to take home
  • Fill Ziploc bags with assorted inexpensive candies
  • Make masks out of paper plates for a great party favor
  • Have the balloon bouquet double as party favors, handing each child a balloon to take home

4. Make your own party games
While bouncy houses and private venues are fun, old-fashioned do-it-yourself games can still make for a great party! Regardless of theme, the following games make any party fun:

  • Homemade Bowling: Set up empty 2-liter soda bottles or milk jugs and use any kickball to knock them over
  • Obstacle Courses: Use items around the house to set up an obstacle course inside or outside for young party guests to climb, wiggle, and jump through
  • Treasure Hunt: hide various items (stickers work great for this) around the house or yard and release the kids to look for lost treasure
  • Pin the tail on anything: based on your theme, blindfold the kids and choose something for the kids to pin on a poster (crown for a princess, tail for an animal, cape for a super hero, etc.)

Once you start thinking of creative homemade ways to host a party, the possibilities are endless! Focus on the friendships of the day and you, your child, and your guests will not miss a more lavish affair!

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