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Top 5 FREE Email Services
By Melissa Bailey on Feb 3 2014, 11:29 AM
With the recent glitch in Gmail service, it might be a good time to discuss FREE email services and what you can expect from each one. If you are in the dark as to what happened with Gmail, Google announced last week that their system experienced a technical glitch from January 15 to January 22. During this time, the system may have deleted emails or sent important emails into Spam. This begs the question of which FREE email services are good options that can best protect you and your information.

In no particular order:

1. Outlook.com (Formerly Hotmail)
I'm a little old school when it comes to email as I still have a Hotmail account (to me, it will always be Hotmail!). The server has plenty of free storage and is a great tool for a junk email account or if you need a simple account that simply houses alerts from other accounts. I wish Hotmail did a better job at organizing my emails and finding Spam, but overall it is an easy to use option if you are a low tech user that needs something easy to understand.

2. Yahoo.com
I use my Yahoo.com for my junk email folder and find it to be incredibly user friendly. I enjoy being able to split the screen to see both a list of current emails as well as a preview of a specific email in the same window. Yahoo also saves searches in a separate tab which means I can search for "Amazon" and pull up all of my emails from that company into a separate tab that I can continue to reference. Yahoo is a little too ad heavy for me to use on anything other than junk email.

3. iCloud Mail
If you are looking for a FREE business solution, it seems that iCloud continues to come highly rated. It has plenty of storage, IMAP access and offers a functional design that is perfect for business use. iCloud does not offer the ability to access other email accounts, which might be a plus for companies that are trying to keep a tight hold upon their employee's email usage.

4. Gmail.com
Even given the most recent glitch in their system, Gmail continues to offer a dependable product. One of the more popular features is the grouping of emails based on conversation. This means that if my mother and I go back and forth on paint colors for her dining room, Gmail will group them into a single string of email conversations rather than forcing me to search through long lists of emails. The only thing about Gmail that I'm not enthusiastic about is the inability to view my Inbox and and an email at the same time. If you need a personal FREE email account, you can't really go wrong with Gmail.

5. GMX Mail
GMX is not as popular as the four providers mentioned above, but it does deserve a little bit of time. They advertise as an all-in-one email service that is mobile phone ready and not concerned with file size. I see GMX Mail as the solution for users that are willing to take a risk on new products as they have only 13 million users so far. (This may seem like a lot but Gmail boasts 425 million users.) One nice thing about GMX is that their servers run on green electricity generated from renewable energy. They are definitely becoming a stronger player in the game of FREE email.

The nice thing about choosing a free email service is that if you don't like the provider, it's free! You are out nothing more than your time and can easily open up another account with someone else. Good luck on finding the right provider and send us an email when you get a chance! ;)
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